ILLUMATE ENERGY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, was started in the year 2020 with a vision of ushering in a unique green Energy LED lighting.

ILLUMATE is managed and driven by a group of talented, vibrant, professional team of young and experienced entrepreneurs who believe in delivering the best quality product at affordable prices. The management of ILLUMATE has decades of experience in running multiple business successfully.

  • Our Vision is to provide the most energy efficient LED lighting at affordable cost and better ROI.
  • Our Mission is to enable highly energy efficient, more durable, high performance LED products for commercial establishments and commercial purposes.
  • Our Slogan is Save a watt...!, Save a Lot...!!!

Illumate belief that every drop of electricity we save is a provision for our posterity

Our Team


Founder & Director - Technical

With a vast Technical Knowledge in the Filed of Electrical & Electronics and LED Systems. Shajesh brings with him more than 2 decades of immense experience.

Shajesh is the creator and Inventor of the Multi Watt LED His passion is for research & innovation.


Director - Business Development & Strategies

Director - Business Development & Strategies Having worked abroad for many years in multiple domains, handling huge projects & having hands on experience in a multitude of businesses for more than 30 years, Murali, is an advisor. mentor, guide. strategist to many a companies in India and abroad.

Murali brings with him an immense knowledge of running businesses.


Founder & Director - Marketing

Rajeesh is one of the founders of Illumate and has been involved in the research & development of the HILUMS product since the day of its ideation

Rajeesh brings in an excellent experience of marketing, business development and customer support.


Founder & Director - Sales Support

Pushparaj is one of the founders of Illumate and also has been involved with the research & development, field trails and implementation of the HILUMS products.

Pushparaj handles the implementations. deployment & sales support.


Director - Business Development

A businessman, and board member to many startups and companies Has worked in multi faceted roles in various business domains from being an agriculturist, a rubber plantation owner, to structuring business strategies for companies

Babu, brings in an immense experience spanning almost 40 years of running many successful businesses, dealing with Government & Private sector companies. He has a very vast and wide business network and is actively associated with many organizations such as Rotary International. Lions International, NRI organization to name a few.


Advisor Finance, Legal & Operations

An inventor & an investor with a diverse business background with an experience of more than 27 years in the IT and allied industries.

Sree brings with him a vast knowledge in Research & Development. IP Management, incubation of startups He is a mentor and advisor to many startups and companies.

Sree, holds more than a hundred intellectual properties globally


Director - Operations

Anil has enormous experience in different businesses. He brings with him an immense knowledge of running successful businesses.

Anil is into marketing, product positioning and also into investment banking advisory services.


Director - Business Development

With a vast and diverse experience of over 30 years in varied fields ranging from all & gas to renewable energy. He consults and advises many a companies in India and abroad on many domains Chandra has extensive knowledge & expertise in project management material management and business management.


Director - Product Development & Sales

Raneesh, has been involved in the Research and Development of HILUMS MWD technology.

Raneesh has a rich experience in sales and marketing and is very passionate about technology and innovations.


Director - Business Development - Middle East

Muhammed Salaudheen is a Bachelor in Professional Arabic and an MBA

He brings decades of experience in structuring businesses a stratigist and a business consultant in India and Middle East